At Panorama, we focus on bridging the gap between the way we are living and the way we were designed to live in the body. Humans were made to do things like pull, push, hang, swing, crawl, and MOVE. When we don't practice these skills, we begin to experience limitation, tightness, pain, or joint dysfunction. When we do so with the right starting point for each body, we reduce and eliminate these symptoms. We acquire a new kind of strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. We move more freely and pain free in our day to day.
We become more resilient in everything w we do.




Mon/Wed/Fri: Movement 5:30 pm 

Wed/Fri: Endurance 10:00 am 

Tues/Thurs: Strength 5:30 pm

Sat: Strength 10:30 am 

Sun: Closed


Monday 10 am -12 pm

Sat 9-11 am 


Every class is all levels. All bodies and abilities are welcome. New students are welcome to attend any class to start their FREE TRIAL WEEK with no strings attached. It is suggested that you reserve your spot for class as we follow a small groups training method.
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This class is an all levels class aimed to meet you at your starting point in mastering your body's weight. Utilizing principles that put joint health at the forefront of our training goals, we safely progress you towards multiple strength skills from any start point. Throughout this process we are slowly adapting your body towards becoming stronger *and* more human.

In this class you will make improvements in your ability to crawl, hang, pull, and push. You will also make major progress in your overall ability to stabilize and support all of your major joints, in the way the human was designed to have support. You will gain healthier shoulders, hips, spine, knees, and ankles from this class. You will also gain a new level of abdominal strength. A true full body workout in one hour that not only makes you more balanced in your strength/stability but also makes you feel better in the body because you are balanced! Try your first Strength class experience on New Years day at  5:30 pm for a FREE CLASS event. Register at the top right corner of this site by clicking the red rectangle. 

This class is a good starting point for people who: have old injuries, want to see a change in muscle tone/development, want to work on a strength skill, want to improve range of motion, suffer from chronic pain, are interested in strength based crawling patterns



This class is aimed to give adults the opportunity to learn new movement patterns, movements that make getting up and down from the floor more fluid, accessible, and pain free. It is a one hour group class that gives space for the study of patterns so students learn and engage along the way. We will not only gain new movement capacity for all bodies but also discover what capacity we currently have. It's a fun and different approach towards gaining flexibility and improved active mobility. This is an all levels class but do feel free to reach out to the teacher if any special injury, health condition, or history is a part of your body's prerequisite.

This class is a good starting point for people who: want to build a foundation for crawling patterns, want to improve their ability to get low or up/down from the floor, improve core stability, want to improve proprioception, vestibular health, mobility, and flexibility. This is also a great complimentary practice to anyone in the dance, yoga, or martial arts world. 



Sometimes our starting point in our work is reducing our body's weight in order to maintain healthy joint function and cardiovascular health. Panorama wanted to create a safe space for guiding individuals towards understanding how to tune in to their body during this process. This is the purpose and goal of Primal Endurance. For individuals looking for more cardio but want something that'll work the brain body connection, this class is for you. We work on managing breath while utilizing primal movement patterns for a very fun body weight only, one-hour cardio class.

This class is a good starting point for people who: are interested in weight loss, want to learn how to thrive during cardio work, want a class rhythm that keeps a constant flow in pace like a traditional fitness class. 



Part of bridging the gap between modern living and what we need is reducing stress. We are chronically bombarded with information, spend a large portion of our day behind screens and in chairs, and are overloaded in responsibilities. Our bodies feel tight and sore from physical and mental stress; It is a sympathetic state that feeds on itself. Our Recovery class, provides a well rounded approach towards peeling off these layers of chronic tension. We take a slow meditative pace with gentle movement designed to calm the nervous system and release sore muscles. We also make sure each joint is gently worked in its full range of motion which leaves the whole body feeling flossed and supple.  The mental clarity and calmness is unparalleled to anything else and is long lasting. Try your first Recovery experience on New Years day at 11 am for a FREE CLASS event. Register at the top right corner of this site by clicking the red rectangle. 

This class is a good start point for people who: need to reduce stress, have sore or tight muscles, seek out a gentle class, have a practice that is high impact or high intensity. 

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