Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that was developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, founder of Functional Range Systems. It develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable range of motion. It is currently used by many professional basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and MMA athletes/teams. It is the most highly regarded mobility system that is currently available. Panorama Movement is currently the only Kinstretch certified facility within the MidSouth.



This class is an all levels class aimed to meet you at your starting point in mastering your body's weight. Utilizing principles that put joint health at the forefront of our training goals, we safely progress you towards multiple strength skills from any start point THROUGH COMPONENT TRAINING (strength training for all of the major joints). Throughout this process we are slowly adapting your posterior and anterior chain from your body's starting point. Our mobility and strength for movement training system is based upon scientific principals, research, and reliable time tested methods so we can guarantee safe and effective tissue adaptation. We want to give you a strength that you own.

In this class you will make improvements in your ability to crawl, hang, pull, and push. You will also make major progress in your overall ability to move, stabilize, and support all of your major joints, in the way the human was designed to have support. You will gain healthier shoulders, hips, spine, knees, wrists and ankles from this class. Your body will gain the priming and foundational strength necessary to progress within your movement practice, in whatever goal you seek.

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 This class takes your Fundamental push/pull work to the task. This is a class where strength skills are practiced, tested, and trained in self defining reps (this method you will be taught).

This is a class designed to give and create space for your personal skill goals. Whether you needed the opportunity to train for handstands, ring work, flexibility skills like the splits, inversion skills, parallettes skills, QDRs, bridges, etc, this is the time and place to program this skill goal into your weekly training cycle.  The programming is all inspired by methods used within various respected and time tested methods in acquiring and owning full body strength skills. Your teacher has learned from some of the greats in physical training such as Ido Portal team, Hunter Cook, Dewey Nelson, Andreo Spina, Jon Yuen and Jeremy Fein. All of these learning experiences and trainings have helped to create a solid program for safely progressing any body into any skill. 


Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial art that blends elements of dance into a fight and a system of self-preservation. Sometimes it can be played as a game and other times like a real fight. Beauty and balance are essential. New practitioners of the art will learn spatial awareness and rhythm. Those who are movers will learn how to move better. Capoeira is problem solving with background music. Get ready for a full body workout and an awakening of the senses.

NOTE: This is a covid-conscientious class. All children will be require to wear a mask when in indoor group work. Illness policy will be strictly enforced. Drop off is encouraged (parents and kids need their me-time) with a prompt pick-up policy. Age range will be 6-9 and 10-13. Both age ranges will be in the same class but grouped separately for developmentally appropriate activities. Please bring weather appropriate gear in case outdoor training occurs. 

Jungle Movement is a play-based kids program that gives our younger community access to a space and friendship circle where they learn how to move with agility, flexibility, and strength! We know that now is a time where it is most important to hold space for children to connect, move their bodies, and PLAY! Within this 1 hour class, your young-one will gain basic gymnastic skills, movement skills (like crawling, pushing, pulling, swinging, hanging), yogic skills (like flexibility and meditation), and some basic self defense (like jiu jitsu).
Join us for a structured program that takes a well rounded approach towards what children need to be developing into a happy healthy powerful human!

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Capoeira Program:


Kids Program: 



This class is aimed to give adults the opportunity to learn new movement patterns, movements that make getting up and down from the floor more fluid, accessible, and pain free. It is a one hour group class that gives space for the study of patterns so students learn and engage along the way. We will not only gain new movement capacity for all bodies but also discover what capacity we currently have. It gives one a more developed brain/body connection, coordination, proprioception, flexibility, mobility, agility, and resiliency in compromising positions. This is an all levels class but do feel free to reach out to the teacher if any special injury, health condition, or history is a part of your body's prerequisites.