Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that was developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, founder of Functional Range Systems. It develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable range of motion. It is currently used by many professional basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and MMA athletes/teams. 

In Yin Kinstretch (Yin Kin), we aim to begin the body's first waking hours in a gentle mobility practice that incorporates breathwork, meditation, and "holding" positions for deeper relaxation of the soft tissue, and an incredible experience for the nervous system. This class will start your day feeling calm, melty in the joints, and relaxed in the mind.

It's currently being offered at 7 am on Tues/Thurs.



"Ease into the weekend with a gentle, restorative morning class. During this hour you'll be guided through movements to increase blood flow to sore muscles, statically stretch the whole body to lengthen and restore elasticity, and practice deep belly breathing to calm the nervous system and promote cell renewal. Self massage, guided meditation, and low intensity yoga flows will be incorporated each class to ensure that you finish out your physical work week with an hour of healing and recovery. A true gift to your body and soul."

Strength & Skills is a 1 hour class that helps all bodies to approach a specific skill goal with a creative approach for progression. We will practice gymnastics/calisthenics-based skills in a small group setting, with a starting point for any age and any body. Complex histories are welcome!
What to Expect:
During this timeframe, you will practice various skills depending on interest or will be supplied a skill if you are still working on finding something that interests you.
Don't feel ready to practice a skill but want to get stronger in ways that will help you to move with more control and ease? No problem! Strength and flexibility training is a part of this experience! All students will have the option to practice, train for more control, or do both!
All work is individually scalable.
1.5 hours is the max amount of time to complete your training but all work can be completed at your own pace (when you're done, you're done!)

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 Metabolic is a circuit style training class that focus on endurance-based movement and strength exercises within timed interval reps/sets. What you will gain within this class is a focus of increased reps for time, higher intensity work loads or max volume, and increased caloric expenditure. This class is for all levels and scalable for all bodies. 

This class currently is held at 5:30 PM every Monday. 

Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial art that blends elements of dance into a fight and a system of self-preservation. Sometimes it can be played as a game and other times like a real fight. Beauty and balance are essential. New practitioners of the art will learn spatial awareness and rhythm. Those who are movers will learn how to move better. Capoeira is problem solving with background music. Get ready for a full body workout and an awakening of the senses.

This class currently meets on Tues/Thurs at 5:30 pm.

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Capoeira Program:




This class is aimed to give adults the opportunity to learn new movement patterns, movements that make getting up and down from the floor more fluid, accessible, and pain free. It is a one hour group class that gives space for the study of patterns so students learn and engage along the way. We will not only gain new movement capacity for all bodies but also discover what capacity we currently have. It gives one a more developed brain/body connection, coordination, proprioception, flexibility, mobility, agility, and resiliency in compromising positions. This is an all levels class but do feel free to reach out to the teacher if any special injury, health condition, or history is a part of your body's prerequisites.